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DIN Rail Mounted Electronic Enclosures

KS4400 Series

  • 12 to 96 Terminals
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Integral PC Board Guides
  • Fixed and Pluggable Designs
  • Highly Customizable
  • Standard Color: Black with gray front plate

The KS4400 series is simple, modular and flexible yet highly functional. The half shell design is cost effective and provides exceptional space utilization. Three levels of terminals with fixed and pluggable PCB terminal options allow for high density connections. A large front face area provides ample space for operator, communication and visual display components.


Housing Shell: Polyamide, Glass Filled; Front Plate: PBT

Housing: Polyamide; Terminal Pins: Tinned Brass

Temperature Range: 120°C (248°F) UL94V0

Standard Color:
Black Housing with Gray Front Plate. Other colors are available upon request.

KS4400 enclosures have an IP40 rating, IP20 for terminal openings (finger protected) and meet VBG4 and other European accident prevention requirements.

The KS4400 enclosure series housings are supplied as unassembled kits. Each kit consists of two half shells, a front plate, DIN rail clip and terminal sets. The terminals are set on three levels to maximize space. The terminals are machine solderable with right angle pins. PC boards are mounted vertically in the enclosure, perpendicular to the DIN rail.


The terminals are available as fixed or pluggable PCB terminals. The terminal blocks are all machine solderable. Fixed PCB terminals are standard screw cage clamp style terminal blocks.
Pluggable PCB terminals feature male pin headers and female screw cage clamp or spring cage clamp plugs that can be plugged/unplugged. Terminal spaces can also be left blank and covered with a snap in cover (terminal blanking plug).

The KS4400 series can easily be mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail by means of the integral mounting foot and DIN clip.

The KS4400 series have large marking areas on the front of the cover.

We can supply the KS4400 series enclosures with many custom options including:

  • Partial or mixed terminal loading
  • Printing/Marking
  • Enclosure bus connections
  • Ventilation Slots
  • Machining of custom holes
  • Hinged front covers
  • Front cover with test buttons


  1. With terminals fitted, place the PCB in the first enclosure half shell.
  2. Slide the front plate in the slot in the first enclosure half shell.
  3. Place this assembly flat and line-up the second half shell so that the front plate slides into the slot.
  4. Manually close both half shells until they snap together.
  5. Insert the DIN rail mounting clip into the base of the enclosure.




Application Example


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