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DIN Rail Mounted Electronic Enclosures

KO4700 Series

  • 8 to 132 Terminals
  • A new modular terminal design has been added to this series
    increasing its design flexibility.
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount
  • Fixed and Pluggable Designs
  • Standard or modular terminal layouts
  • Snap-On Keyed Covers
  • Integral PC Board Guides
  • Standard Color: Black Housing Shell with Tan Cover

KO4700Ideal for industrial applications. Small to large in size, KO4700 enclosures can accommodate 8 to132 terminals for field wire connections. Series KO4700 enclosures can be customized to the exact number of terminals required. Standard enclosures are equipped with the maximum number of terminal strips and terminals.The KO4700 series are available with two types of terminations for connecting external wires. The Pressure Plate type terminals,with a center line spacing of 9mm (.35 in.) and the Box Clamp design, which has a 5mm (.19 in.) center line spacing for much higher density.


Housing Shell: Polycarbonate, 10% Glass Filled
Cover: Polycarbonate, 10% Glass Filled
Cover Panel: Clear Polycarbonate or Glass Filled Polycarbonate

Pressure Plate: Zinc Plated, Chromated Steel
Terminal Screw: Zinc Plated, Chromated Steel
Clamp: Nickel Plated Brass
Busbar: Tin Plated Bronze
Connector Contact: Beryllium Copper, Tin Plated
(gold plating available)

Temperature Rating:
125°C (257°F), UL94VO
Housing Shell Color: Black
Terminal Cover Color: Tan

KO4700 enclosures have an IP20 rating (finger protected) and meet VBG4 and other European accident prevention requirements.

The KO4700 enclosure series consists of a black housing shell and a tan cover with integral terminals and terminal-to-board connections.

The housing shell has molded printed circuit board guides to save time when inserting printed circuit boards, prevent misconnections and to keep the boards from moving. Integral tabs on the bottom of the shell further help to hold boards in place, eliminating lateral movement. KO4700 housing shells can be potted.


Printed circuit boards can be mounted in three ways:

        Behind the Front Cover



Depending on the enclosure type,one board can be mounted directly behind the front cover (parallel to the DIN rail).Boards can also be mounted horizontally (parallel to the DIN rail) or vertically (perpendicular to the DIN rail).

The housing cover snaps onto the housing shell. Two keyed tabs lock the cover firmly in place. Removal of the cover is possible for service and repair.

Single piece, tan color covers are typically used with the smaller enclosures. They incorporate terminals and connections to the inside of the enclosure. In some of the smaller enclosures, the cover doubles as a plug.
A printed circuit board can be mounted directly behind the front cover. This board is ideal for mounting components used for setting, adjusting and monitoring such as switches, potentiometer, LEDs and LCDs. There is no interferance with any other boards mounted within the enclosure.

Modular covers consist of a one-piece tan frame with matching flat front panel. Some versions have a front cover panel that is removable and offered in matching tan or clear.The front covers can be custom imprinted or marking plates can be produced and installed behind the transparent front cover panel.

Select from Pressure Plate or Box Clamp terminals with wire protectors, and fixed or pluggable terminal-to-board connections. Removable fixed or pluggable terminal strips can be replaced by terminal plugs if not all of the external connections of the standard enclosure are needed. The terminal screws used with both the pressure plate and box clamp designs can be operated with a flat tip or a #1 or #2 Philips type screwdriver.


Pressure Plate Termination
This type of terminal consists of a pressure plate (captive to the terminal screw) and the terminal bottom. The pressure plate rises automatically when the screw is loosened. One or two wires, of equal or different sizes up to 2.5mm2 (14 AWG) can be terminated. The grooved corners of the pressure plate ensure positive retention of wire(s). The flat bottom of the terminal extends to the inside of the enclosure and connects the terminal to the board(s) inside.

KO4700Box Clamp Termination
The box clamp terminal accepts wires up to 4mm2 (12 AWG). When the terminal screw is tightened, the serrated bottom of the wire protector pushes the wire to be terminated against the serrated busbar. The busbar extends to the inside of the enclosure to provide the terminal-to-board connection.

The KO4700 Series offers fixed and pluggable terminal-to-board connection possibilities.

Fixed Connections
Fixed terminal-to-board connections can be made by Wire Jumper, Fast On tabs, Solder tabs, or Machine Solderable Pins.

Fast On tabs, 2.8mm (.11in.) accept industry standard Fast On connectors. Use with wire jumpers to connect to board(s).

Wire Jumper
connections can also be made by soldering a wire jumper between the center hole of the Fast On tab and the printed circuit board(s).
Solder Tab can be hand soldered to the board.

KO4700Machine Solderable Pins
can be machine soldered to the board in the same step as the other components, saving assembly time. The metal parts of the terminals are supplied as separate strips which snap into the terminal housing after soldering.

Pluggable Connections
The pluggable terminal strips of the KO4700 series fit across the width of the enclosure and plug directly into the board(s) by using a Card Edge connector. Enclosures equipped with pressure plate terminals also provide Solder Tabs for terminal-to-board connections when mounting an additional board directly behind the front cover. A Wire Jumper can be soldered to these tabs as well.

For better retention, the strips have captive screws at each end that insert into brass bushings, molded into the housing shell. Up to four terminal strips can be used per enclosure.The pluggable versions are ideal whenever quick connections and replacement of boards and devices is important. They also reduce the danger of misconnected wires and downtime.


The KO4700 Series enclosures are designed to be mounted on standard 35 x 7.5mm DIN rail but will also fit on the 35 x15mm DIN rail. The extra high enclosures should be mounted on the deeper, 35 x 15mm DIN rail.

KO4700 series enclosures can also be panel mounted using pull-out tabs on the base of the enclosure. One tab is factory installed on each enclosure. Up to a total of 6 pull-out mounting tabs can be installed.

KO4700 enclosures have a flat center area on the cover for marking and mounting of components. Several types have removable front cover panels, which can be marked at a separate location. Imprinted marking plates can be used in conjunction with the transparent, removable cover panel.KO4700


  • Terminal Cover Strips
  • Pull-Out Panel Mounting Tabs
  • Screws for Mounting Printed Circuit Board
  • 35 x 7.5mm DIN Rail
  • 35 x 15mm DIN Rail

Enclosures can be customized to the exact number of terminals needed. We can punch, drill or cut custom cutouts and holes for potentiometers, switches, LEDs or LDCs. Custom colors and special markings are also available. Please call us for further information.

A new group of modular enclosures has been added to the KO4700 series. These enclosures can be ordered in a variety of terminal arrangements allowing for many different customized configurations. Terminal sets are available in 3, 4 and 7 pole blocks as well as blank blocks without terminals. High Current terminals are also available on some models. This new modular terminal design allows anywhere from 0 to 56 terminals for field wire connections.
The KO4700 modular enclosures have the same design features of the standard series as well as the same materials. The terminals are of the box clamp style. The standard terminals feature pluggable connections while solder connections are used on the high current terminals. Printed circuit board placement is horizontal (parallel to the DIN rail) or vertical (perpendicular to the DIN rail).


For more information contact Altech at:
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