Foot Switches

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Internationally approved Foot Switches accomodate demanding industrial and specialty medical applications. They can be easily customized with nameplates, imprints, cordsets, connectors and strain reliefs.


FM Series

FM Foot Switches
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The compact FM Series foot switches are appropriate for light or medium duty and medical applications. With a wide range of options, this series offers a greater amount of flexibility, for a reasonable price.

The wide range of options include:

  • Protection levels IP 68 (Medical versions IEC 601-1 certified)
  • Especially designed gold plated contacts for low current
  • High current switch inserts
  • Different cable entries/strain reliefs
  • Other cable versions, with shield
  • Custom colors for the guard, custom connectors

Application examples include:

  • Conveyor belt in supermarket
  • Sewing machine in textile factory
  • Control of dentistry tools
  • Operation of logical or digital signals

PCFS-3M Series

Application Examples:

  • Operation of logic signals
  • Coil winding machines
  • Photo lab equipment
  • Sewing machines
  • Packaging equipment
  • Conveyor belts
  • Imprinting equipment
  • CNC machines

Altech’s new low cost foot switch is ideal for any light to medium duty application. The PCFS-3M has an electrical rating of 10A/1/2HP/125V AC, it can serve as a foot operated on/off switch for a wide range of motor driven and electrical devices.


The virtually indestructible steel housing meets even more challenging demands of every day applications. The steel guard comes standard in red or orange and provides an affordable “safeguarding” of the foot switch. The guard is interchangeable with the FM1 series foot switch which makes this configuration a perfect fit for more cost sensitive applications.

FK Series

The FK series foot switches are suitable for light and medium duty applications. The medium size, sturdy ABS housing fits up to 3 snap action microswitches rated up to 10A (1/2HP)/250V AC. The momentary and two stage momentary contact types cover almost every demand. It is a foot switch for low cost needs with a larger pedal than the FM Series.

With the optional strain reliefs, cables and connectors and the larger pedal, the FK series is a low cost alternative, where no high protection levels are required. This series covers the range between the FM series and the FS series.

This foot switch will fit numerous applications, including the following:

  • Medical equipment (tablet sorter, labeling machines etc.)
  • Dictation machines
  • Photo laboratory equipment
  • Medium industrial machines (storage and retrieval systems, sewing and textile machines, etc.)
FL Series

The FL series foot switches are appropriate for heavy duty applications in hazardous and demanding environments. The foot switch with the Polyamide 6.6 housing shows the same sturdy body as the FS series, but with the advantage of resistance against water, oil, and certain acids and chemicals, which enables a longer life expectancy. The foot guard consists of die cast aluminum, to sustain all safety requirements.

The FL series offers considerable flexibility with the combination of slow make-break and snap action switch inserts, with the contact types momentary, maintained and two stage momentary and the choice of different potentiometer values. Human safety and machine protection can be provided by adding of Anti-Trip lever and foot guard. These items prevent the foot switch from accidentally actuating the machine function. Different strain reliefs, cables, connectors and custom colors are also available.

The main applications of this non-corrosive foot switch are:

  • “Wet” industrial environments
  • Drilling processes
  • Food industry, where the environment has to be cleaned regularly with cleaning detergent.
FS Series

The heavy duty, medium size FS series foot switches are primarily used in industrial and medical applications. Due to the sturdy design of the die cast aluminum housing, the foot switch is an exceptional value for strict environments.

This compact design offers a lot of versatility:

  • Every combination of slow make-break and snap action switch inserts with momentary, maintained and two stage momentary contact types are possible. Different potentiometer values are also available.
  • Additional safety features like a foot guard, Anti-Trip lever and especially two safety foot switch versions complete this line.
  • The optional medical versions and explosion protected foot switches meet the requirements of either IEC 601-1 or EEX d ||C T6, and come with appropriate strain relief and 3 meter (10 ft.) cable.
  • The foot switch can be customized with a wide range of options, including cables, connectors, colors, and foot rests.

The typical industrial applications include:

  • Ironing machines
  • Construction machinery
  • Sand blasting machines
  • Bending machines
  • Machine tools
  • Medical equipment
Custom Design

Altech Corp can design and manufacture a foot switch to meet needs.

Foot switches for medical applications require unique designs for safety, reliability and hygiene. Almost every foot switch is a custom product. Altech is a leader in designing these medical foot switches that combine the unique requirements needed for these demanding applications. Altech’s design department has designed foot switches to meet a doctor’s preferences such as an actuation force from 0.5 lbs. to 50 lbs. Sometimes it is as simple as a cable length change, a totally different cable, or a special connector. Here are some of the existing designs:

  • FM1 was molded using a special white ABS material
  • FM2 required an aluminum base plate with blue and yellow pedal covers
  • FM3 is ergonomically designed for an ENT doctor
  • FS3+1 was mounted on an aluminum plate, which connects to an FS1 with 1 cable exit

The foot switch on the right shows an innovative concept created by our design department. This takes the foot switch to a totally different level incorporating new ideas and blending them into modern equipment designs.

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