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  • Plastic Body Limit Switches
  • Medal Body Limit Switches
  • Special Switches & Sensors
  • Foot Switches Without Covers
  • Foot Switches With Covers
  • Special Foot Switches

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Plastic Body Limit Switches
C2 Limit Switches TI2 Limit Switches I88 Limit Switches BI2 Limit Switches ENK Series Switches SGS Series Switches
C2 Series Ti2 Series I88 Series Bi2 Series ENK Series Latching with Remote Reset

Metal Body Limit Switches
GC Series Switches SN Series Switches D Series Switches ENM Series Switches
GC Series SN2 Series ENM2 Series
D Series

Special Switches & Sensors
ASI Switches and Sensors
ATEX Switches
ASi Intelligent
Switches & Sensors
ATEX Approved
Switches & Sensors

Foot Switches Without Cover
Foot Switch Single Uncovered
Foot Switch Double Uncovered
Foot Switch Triple Uncovered
Single Pedal
Double Pedal Triple Pedal

Foot Switches With Cover
Foot Switch Single Covered
Foot Switch Double Covered
Foot Switch Triple Covered
Single Pedal
Double Pedal Triple Pedal

Special Foot Switches
Enabling Foot Switch
Foot Switch ATEX
Medical Foot Switches
Enabling Foot Switches
ATEX Approved Foot Switches
Medical Foot Switches
Ordering and Technical Information
Information Information Information


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