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Altech Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays (SSR) are fully electronic, there is no moving parts inside SSR; they have no audible noise, withstand significant vibration without operating problems, have fast response time, but most of all they have higher life-time expectancy.

Used in appropriate operating conditions, SSRs have nearly unlimited life versus 100K cycles for Electro Mechanical Relays (EMR). SSRs don’t require any maintenance and prevent manufacturers from unforeseen machines/ production stop, which is a great advantage with 24h/24 industrial activity.

The advantages Solid State Relays (SSR) have compared to Electro Mechanical Relays (EMR) are well-known. Fully electronics, there is no moving parts inside SSR ; they have no audible noise, withstand signifi cant vibration without operating problems, have fast response time, but most of all they have higher life-time expectancy.

Commonly known as SSR, it represents 70% of the production of celduc® relais. These innovative and highly effi cient components are used to control all types of loads in many industries. The three major application areas are industrial heating and temperature control, lighting control, and motor control. Every day new applications calling for reliability, silent switching and long life time utilize our highly innovative solid state relays which provide the small but vital extras when compared to our competitor’s products.

Product Offering:
•   Single, Two and Three Phases
•   Solid State Relays for Motor Control
•   Phase Angle Controllers
•   DC Solid State Relays
•   Special Relays / Special Customer Products
•   Heatsinks
•   Accessories

Celduc® relay - the solid state relay technology made in France for more than 40 years !


The solid state relays and contactors made by celduc® relais are manufactured in compliance with major international standards:

  • IEC/EN60947-4-2 for motor control
  • IEC/EN60947-4-3 for the other loads
  • American and Canadian (UL, cUL, CSA)
  • IEC/EN 60950 – VDE0805
  • IEC60335-1 – VDE0700-1
  • IEC 62314

Our products also meet the major European directive regarding the CE marking.

  • Some of our products fulfi l the requirements according to EN 60601-1 (VDE 0750) for medical applications and also the requirements for KOSHA (S-MARK) or for explosive atmospheres ATEX "EX".
  • All of our relays okpac® SO (as well as SC relays), celpac® 2G SU/ SA (including the current sense module ESUC) but also the 2-phase SOB and 3-phase SGT comply with the European standard EN61373 for railways : shocks and vibrations tests on relay. Regarding the standards about Fire behavior and fumes NF F16-101, NF F16-102 and EN 45545 calling for the EN 60695-2-10/11/12 (Glow Wire tests (GWFI – GWIT), blue and black plastic covers and encapsulating resin of SO and SU/SA relays are classifi ed (for more detailed information – please contact us).
  • The manufacturing process of our relays complies with the ISO9001 requirements version 2008. We incorporate highly reliable components with a very high electromagnetic interference level which give to our products the highest life-time one can find one the market.

Solid State Relays



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