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EK Series

Compact EK Series Enclosures are designed to house and protect standard IEC components, such as DIN rail mount circuit breakers, switches, meters and other control devices.

The unique cover design features a shrouded cut out and transparent hinged doors, for quick access and visibility. The shrouded cut out, spanning the width of the cover, exposes mounted components for easy adjustment and isolates wiring for increased safety. The transparent hinged doors have push release latches and can be optionally equipped with a keylock or tamper seal.

  • Direct mount
  • Small to medium size
  • Polycarbonate base and cover
  • Integral seals
  • Dust and moisture proof
  • IP65 protection
  • High mechanical strength
  • Corrosion and maintenance free
  • Halogen free
Drawing and Data Files (If files do not automatically open, save to disk and than open.)

EK002 – Polycarbonate – 130 x 94 mm (5.12 x 3.70 in.)
DWG PDF Specification pages
EK004 – Polycarbonate – 180 x 110 mm (7.09 x 4.33 in.)
DWG PDF Specification pages
EK008 – Polycarbonate – 180 x 182 mm (7.09 x 7.17 in.)
DWG PDF Specification pages
EK012 – Polycarbonate – 180 x 254 mm (7.09 x 10.00 in.)
DWG PDF Specification pages
EK024 – Polycarbonate – 361 x 254 mm (14.21 x 10.00 in.)
DWG PDF Specification pages
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