Altech UL98 Disconnect Switches

UL98 Open & Enclosed Disconnect Switches; 60 A & 100 A

Altech Corporation introduces their UL98 Series of open and enclosed disconnect switches that are designed to operate industrial motors and other heavy duty industrial equipment power. They can be used as a main switch for larger panels and applications.

The UL98 Series is available in 60 and 100 A non-fused versions with 3- and 4-pole models offered in each version. Horsepower ratings range from 3 to 75 HP depending on source voltage and whether it is 1- or 3-phase power.

Every UL98 Series product is lockable in the OFF position for safety. Switching mechanism speed is independent of the operator. While silver contacts help ensure safety and durable operation of the product.

Switch enclosure housing materials for UL 98 Series include polycarbonate, sheet metal, and stainless steel. Housing dimensions are 150(w) x 120(d) mm and range from 300 to 400 (h) mm—without protrusions and depending on model. The enclosures are rated for prevention of incursion of dust and liquids to UL 4 or UL 4X standards—depending on version.

Accessories include add-on auxiliary switches that snap-on, add-on 4th/neutral pole, shafts, door interlock handles that are lockable with padlocks and touch protectors.

Handles and shafts for UL 98 Series disconnect switches are interchangeable with the Altech/Katko UL508 manual motor controller disconnects.


  • One design used in direct and extended handle applications
  • Horsepower rated
  • Enclosed switches are available in plastic, sheet metal and stainless steel enclosures
  • Every design is lockable in OFF position
  • Switching mechanism speed is independent from the operator
  • Silver contacts ensure safe and durable operation
  • Accessories include add-on 4th/neutral pole, auxiliary switches, shafts, door interlock handles and touch protectors

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