UL 508 miniature circuit breaker

UL 508

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MA Series
Three Phase Adjustable Trip
Miniature Circuit Breakers/ Manual Motor Controllers

The MA was designed to handle the high inrush loads of 3 phase transformers, power supplies, motors, etc. The MA protects wiring and equipment from damage caused by the three major classes of overcurrent, yet greatly reduces the number of nuisance trips in high starting and inrush current circuits.

An IEC device with excellent ratings under a UL listing at 480Y/277V (including group ratings) and at 500V under international standards, the Altech/ABL Sursum MA provides short and long term cost effective circuit protec­tion for USA and/or export applications. The short term advantages include: (1) adjustable thermal trip allows finalization of initial designs before procurement of the load equipment is complete; (2) snap-on mounting for readily available, internationally standardized DIN Rail saves panel layout design time as well as installation and change labor; (3) large cage clamp terminals with screws suitable to power screwdrivers, simplifies and speeds wiring; (4) convenient switched disconnect during factory testing and/or initial startup saves time and aggravation. The key long term advantage is customer satisfaction and proven overcurrent protection of wiring and equipment (and the lack of rework/repair costs).

Altech L Series Circuit Breakers
Altech L Series Circuit Breakers

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