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RS Series Relay Modules

At only 6.2mm thickness the RS series Relay module features a slim Din Rail mountable interface solution. The modules have a plug in construction and are available with or without the relay. The built in LED indicates the relay energizing state. The relay features a SPDT configuration and a maximum switching current of 6A. It is available with several standard coil voltages from 5VAC/DC up to 230V AC/DC.

There is a provision for fitting pluggable jumpers which reduces the wiring time. The modules have screw terminals with finger protection for wire termination and offer an IP 20 protection rating. The relay has an IP67 protection rating. Both the relay and the module are UL recognized.

Subminiature Electromagnetic
and Solid State Modules

Subminiature electromagnetic relays are used for PLC systems and industrial automation applications, panel builders, equipment builders and other applications that require a high switching capability in a small space. The PIR6 Series slimline interface relays can be used as a universal interface between the controller and the actuator to switch loads between 1 mA and upto 6A. They are available with electromechanical contacts or solid state configuration. Installation time is greatly reduced when a pre-assembled relays and sockets combination is used. Replacement relays and sockets are available from stock. Additional accessories include colored coded jumpers, spacers and markers (unmarked or marked based on the customer specification) for identification purposes.

RS Series Relay Modules

CSR Series Relay Modules offer an extremely compact solution for interfacing relays. At 6 mm thickness, they are the most compact & versatile relay module system.

The system comprises of a Slim Relay socket and standard SPDT electro mechanical relays. Standard JX Series jumpers can be used for bussing at input and output of the relay sockets. A clear green LED indicates relay coil actuation. The compact relay modules are identified using standard MT6 series marking tags.

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