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RoHS Questions and Answers

Subject: RoHS Compliance Information
Date: July 29, 2005

This letter is intended to answer most questions from our customers, partners, and distributors about compliance of Altech Corp. products with the following European Directives:
- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and
- Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS).

We believe this will expedite information to you and, hopefully, answer all of your questions. To comply with the European Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) limiting the use of certain materials, we are ensuring that our RoHS compliant components meet the Standard by Dec. 31, 2005 of less than "0.1% by weight per homogeneous material for lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, PBB and PBDE and 0.01% by weight and per homogeneous material for cadmium”.

This will be done 6 mos. before the European Community requirement.

Please check our web site for updated information.

Several inquiries regarding our transition process need to be addressed:

Q. Will there be changes in part numbering?
A. No. Our manufacturers have decided not to change part numbers since ALL products must be compliant by July 1, 2006. To avoid creating new part numbers for RoHS compliant products that would become obsolete by July 2006, it has been decided to eliminate this extraneous step. We have created an internal process that allows us to order, stock, and distribute compliant and noncompliant parts within the same series.

Q. Will there be any designation on the parts / packaging to indicate RoHS compliance?
A. Yes, on the packaging. The parts will not be affected, since ALL products made in Europe must be compliant by July 1, 2006; therefore, the cost and time factor to create some sort of labeling on the part would create more delays in the transition. The box packaging will be labeled accordingly with an “RoHS Compliant” logo. By use of the RoHS Compliant logo, it is understood that the presence of each of the “hazardous” substances is in reduced amounts, below their proposed maximum concentration values (MCV).

Q: When are Altech Corp. products expected to be fully compliant?
A: Our European manufacturers have provided us with information on the attached schedule regarding RoHS compliance. This schedule will be updated whenever new information is available from our manufacturers.

Q: If I was informed that a series is already RoHS compliant, when can I start ordering it?
A: If it has been confirmed that the products you purchase are already available as RoHS compliant, you can begin ordering it right away; however, you must specify on your order that you are requesting RoHS compliant products. We DO NOT automatically assume to order and ship RoHS compliant products even if they are available for that series.

Q: I don’t know if the products I would like to order are compliant. How do I find out? Who do I contact? What if I need them to be compliant at an earlier date?
A: If you would like to know if a product conforms to RoHS standards, submit a request to our Customer Service Department. We will advise if it meets the RoHS requirements. In case you need any Altech Corp. products complying with RoHS at an earlier date, we will check your requirements in detail to assess if it is possible to produce the product by special manual manufacturing or suggest an alternative.

Q: Can I purchase a Non-RoHS compliant product from Altech Corp. after July 1st, 2006?
A: Yes. Since not all companies are interested in buying RoHS products, we will support the Non- RoHS products in the future. But, on many of our product lines, quantities will be limited to the existing stock. On some other product lines, like Interface modules, we will have an RoHS compliant part only if you request it.

Altech Corp. is making a strong effort to see that the transition to environmentally friendly products is efficient, while working to meet the needs of our customers. As always we sincerely appreciate your continued use of our products and look forward to many years of our mutually beneficial relationship.

For more information contact Altech at:
908-806-9400 • 908-806-9490 (FAX) • • 35 Royal Road, Flemington, NJ 08822