The new Altech® Power Distribution (APD) System introduces a flexible solution for busing common power to multiple (and different) electrical components.  The modular APD system enables easy addition or removal of components using quick disconnects for savings up to 30 percent in installation time and reduced need for troubleshooting and maintenance.

The APD system can supply separate voltages to auxiliary circuits and control circuits for relays, contactors, and timers or deliver power to circuit breakers, motor starters, switches, and contactors, among other applications.  The system allows for multiple connections per phase and up to 83 disconnects per meter.

The APD system houses two conductors in plastic insulation suitable for voltages up to 600VAC.  Conductors with current ratings of 25A, 63A, or 80A are available.  APD bus bars promote additional economies and can be specified in 1 or 2 phases with maximum temperature rating of 158º F (70º C).  Bus bars can be cut-to-length tailored for application.

Altech offers a Power Input Connector for currents over 30A up to 90A with the capability to accommodate wires from 8AWG to 2AWG.  For currents less than 30A, standard female quick disconnects can be used for power feeding or between bus bar connections.

Accessories include end caps to enclose the insulation, bar-holders, end supports, and marking sets.  The entire system is touch proof (IP20).

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